Efficiency Labeling

Efficiency rating

ecoPSU’s efficiency levels are directly derived from the average efficiency of the power supply unit at 20/50/100 % load. This average efficiency is the key figure that will be displayed on ecoPSU labels. It is also the main criterion which the EU’s regulation focuses on. In this way ecoPSU’s labels will correspond to EU efficiency criteria and are easy to understand.

The lowest possible ecoPSU level is the average result of the minimum requirements stated in EU regulation, which is currently the average of 82/85/82 = 83. Since the EU allows a tolerance of 2 %, the absolute lower limit of average efficiency should be 81,34 %, which translates in the rounded number 81 as the lowest label awarded by ecoPSU. In any case the PSU must comply with the newest EU regulation to use the label.

To be future proof, ecoPSU currently has no plans to introduce further level boundaries, since the EU announced to revise efficiency criteria in the future. Setting fictional levels today will hence be counterproductive as soon as the European Commission states new minimum requirements.

ecoPSU will also store additional efficiency averages such as “low load average” at 10/20/50% or “high load average” at 50/100% or “wide range average” at 10/20/50/100%. These efficiency averages are often asked by enthusiasts and will also be presented on the ecoPSU website of each tested PSU. But for simplicity it won’t be used in the ecoPSU label.

The ecoPSU labels

The ecoPSU efficiency program uses a set of Logos and Labels that show participation and status in the ecoPSU validation process. The primary goal of ecoPSU is to inform distribution, OEM, consumers and authorities if PSUs are in accordance with latest EU regulations and are independent controlled highly efficient products.

Each ecoPSU label contains a unique URL (and optional QR Code) for a specific PSU model that will link to a unique website, giving further information about the PSU such as specifications, testing results, product images and explaining the conformity with EU regulation. By just following the link or QR code everybody can get information about the PSU and its efficiency in a very simple and easy to understand way.

“Applied for” label (optional)

If a manufacturer wants to enter the ecoPSU database for a future product but production of that PSU has not yet started and no engineering samples can be provided at this point, there is an optional stage. Maybe Labels are already needed for package preproduction with ecoPSU labeling or marketing needs confirmation to show customers that the product will be validated.



The “applied for” labels won’t show efficiency values, since no testing has been done. Instead they will show the placeholder RA (Rating Applied) or just a white box. The URL on the label will link to the PSU model page of the ecoPSU online portal at this point . These labels feature the same size as final efficiency labels and can easily be replaced or pasted over at a subsequent date.

Efficiency labels

As soon as a sample of the a PSU has been tested, the reached efficiency level will be put into the label. (e.g. 89 %).  The level show the rounded average efficiency value of 20 percent, 50 percent and 100 percent of the PSU’s rated output and the URL and/or QR code will link to the detailed test results in the ecoPSU online portal.



The results on the website will provide Information about the type of the tested sample and whether an engineering sample has already been double-checked with a retail sample.