About ecoPSU

ecoPSU is an independent and transparent platform providing data about the efficiency of internal computer power supplies. ecoPSU is a place to go for contractors, consumers and manufacturers to get information, if a power supply complies with the requirements of the European Ecodesign Directive. For that purpose, power supply models of partners participating in the ecoPSU program will be stored in an online database. Provided logos and labels for manufacturers inform about the average efficiency of the respective model. Each label leads to a page with information about the efficiency data of the product.

The ecoPSU team disposes longstanding expertise on the subject of verification of computer power supplies‘ efficiency. Measurements of computer power supplies will be among others conducted by ecoPSU itself. Data may also be provided from other sources and external qualified test labs. In any case one measurement that complies with the standards specified by the European Commission is necessary to take part in the program and use ecoPSU labels.

In order to maximize the significance of the efficiency data, ecoPSU will verify spot tests with random retail samples acquired from various sources. Hereby it is possible to detect and display deviation of pre-productions samples compared to retail products. This way manufacturers are encouraged to check general quality variation on their own. At a later point the ecoPSU database will also contain measurements from independent sources like journalists, distributors or system integrators to get a wide overview about the efficiency of a power supply. ecoPSU will concurrently cooperate with specialized press in order to strengthen general awareness for energy efficiency of computer power supplies and establish efficiency as a quality feature.

Reports and further details about tested products are soon available to anyone via http://ecoPSU.eu.

The ecoPSU Database is currently in beta phase and developed in cooperation with several power supply manufacturers.